The following islands are all considered within the scope of Uncharted Football in Oceania. The list might not be complete and we invite you to make us aware of any potential island we missed! Please find a full list of islands below the map.


Island(s) Country Population
Tiwi Islands Australia 1,030
Christmas Island Australia 2,072
Norfolk Island Australia 2,210
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Australia 596
Bougainville Papua New Guinea 249,358
New Ireland Papua New Guinea 194,067
Manus Papua New Guinea 60,485
Stewart Island New Zealand 381
Chatham Islands New Zealand 600
Niue New Zealand 1,612
Tokelau New Zealand 1,499
Banaba Kiribati 335
Gilbert Islands Kiribati 83,382
Line Islands Kiribati 8,813
Chuuk FS Micronesia 54,595
Kosrae FS Micronesia 7,686
Pohnpei FS Micronesia 34,685
Yap FS Micronesia 16,436
Majuro Atoll Marshall Islands 23,401
Kwajalein Marshall Islands 1,000
Ebeye Marshall Islands 15,000
Arno Atoll Marshall Islands 2,069
Ailinglaplap Marshall Islands 1,959
Jaluit Atoll Marshall Islands 1,669
Kili, Bikini, Ejit Marshall Islands 1,062
Mili Atoll Marshall Islands 1,032
Southern Islands Northern Mariana Islands 53,883
Koror Palau 11,670
Airai Palau 2,537
Wallis/Uvea Wallis and Futuna 8,584
Futuna/Alo Wallis and Futuna 2,156
Funafuti Tuvalu 6,025
Vaitupu Tuvalu 1,555
Niutao Tuvalu 606
Nauru Nauru 10,084
Pitcairn Island Pitcairn Islands 68