The following islands are all considered within the scope of Uncharted Football for the Remotest Islands. The list might not be complete and we invite you to make us aware of any potential island we missed! Please find a full list of islands below.

Annobon ProvinceEquatorial Guinea5,232
AscensionAscension, Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha806
Saint HelenaAscension, Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha4,534
Tristan da CunhaAscension, Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha262
Diego GarciaBritish Indian Ocean Territory4,239
BravaCape Verde5,971
Easter Island / Rapa NuiChile6,600
Robinson Crusoe IslandChile843
Floreana IslandEcuador100
Napuka (Disappointment Islands)French Polynesia299
Rapa Iti (Bass Islands)French Polynesia530
Pingelap (Pohnpei State)FS Micronesia250
PukapukaCook Islands507
Soccoro IslandMexico45
Takuu AtollPapua New Guinea600
TikopiaSolomon Islands1,200