Key Facts

The Pitcairn Islands are a small group consisting of the volcanic island Pitcairn, the uplifted coral island Henderson and the two atolls of Ducie and Oeno. Only the main island, Pitcairn Island, is inhabited, currently by 68 people, despite Henderson Island being much larger, accounting for 86% of the territory of the islands. Pitcairn Islands is the least populated national jurisdiction in the world and also one of the most remote ones – there is no air connection and no ferry to the eastern neighbor of Rapa Nui, making irregular ships from Mangareva (French Polynesia) the only link to the outside world. The remoteness is exactly the reason why the ancestors of the current inhabitants chose to settle on Pitcairn Island: Nine mutineers of the Bounty and a handful accompanying Tahitians wanted to hide on Pitcairn and thus decided to settle the remote island, burning the bounty just off the coast of it and thus isolating themselves. All inhabitants today are part of one of four families that descent from the mutineers. The locals do speak an own language called Pitkern, which is a creole language based on 18th century English and Tahitian. The British colony made headlines in 2004, when a third of the male population was put on trial for sexual abuse, mostly directed against the children living on Pitcairn Island. Most where found guilty and the British government erected a prison on the island just for them.

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Very little is known about any sports being played in Pitcairn, apart from the fact that Tennis is favorite sport of the locals. No other sport facilities exist on the island and reports suggest that quad racing, fishing and swimming are the only other sporting activities locals participate in.

Pitcairn Island tennis court (photo: Visit Pitcairn)

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