Uncharted Football is a charitable organisation which aims to assist and establish football programmes in parts of the world that have been exiled from the FIFA Family.

FIFA has 211 member associations affiliated to it, including 193 UN members, but, while it may be hard to believe, it doesn’t cover the entire world.

Dotted across the globe there are many countries, territories and states that are receiving no assistance from football’s governing body. They are often the hardest places to reach, geographically isolated, phenomenally expensive to work with and only home to small populations.

In some cases, football programmes have come and gone, fizzling out due to a lack of funding or knowhow, in others they have never existed in the first place.

We estimate that somewhere between 3 and 4 million people are being denied the chance to play organised football, and we intend to equip local coaches and teachers with the resources they need to change that. 

We believe that football is a valuable tool for social empowerment and for encouraging a healthy lifestyle, providing young people with recreational opportunities that are often lacking, especially in remote communities.

The main focus for Uncharted Football lies in Oceania – the region with the greatest number of nations lacking FIFA funding and also the highest obesity rates on Earth – but we will scour the world map looking for anywhere that is in need of help to play the beautiful game.

We will leave no island, Arctic plain, jungle or desert unexplored in a search for goalposts.

This is football for everyone, this is Uncharted Football.